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By Patricia Ortega 

Awards & Festivals:
World Premiere at Valladolid Seminci!

Genre: Drama

Highlight: A sensitive film about the freedom and self-determination of our bodies and our lives. Winner of the film finishing fund of Women In Film LA 2018.

Ariel is a young religious dressmaker who, after a failed sexual encounter, discovers a secret her family has tried to hide all of her like: she was born intersex but, after corrective surgery, raised as a girl. A decision is now in her horizon: she can either keep living as a socially accepted but oppressed woman or live her life as an intersexual person and face the judgement of society. 

Lucía Bedoya
Belkis Avilladares
María Elena Duque  

Director Biography:
Patricia Ortega graduated from the International Film and TV School (EICTV) in Cuba and currently works as works as an executive producer, scriptwriter and director. Her first fiction feature film, El Regreso, had a very successful run in Venezuelan cinemas in 2013. Being Impossible is her second feature film. 

Director Statement:
When I was born, my mother gave me dolls just because of the genitals I was born with. From that point on, a set of assumptions were imposed on me by society completely against my will. For those who won’t conform to those assumptions, challenging society is the only way to be free. Being Impossible is the story of an intersex person, but anyone who has faced the challenge of demanding the right to decision about on their body, identity and sexuality will identify with the film. Nobody should enforce or police other people’s lives – that is the vision that underlies my film. 

Cast Biography:
LUCÍA BEDOYA is a 4th year Drama Student at the University of Valle, Colombia. She is the recipient of scholarships which have allowed her to study musical theatre in New York and Chinese Opera in Shanghai. Being Impossible is her first feature film as a leading actress.

MARÍA ELENA DUQUE aka Nena Duque began her artistic career in 1987 in Colombia where she obtained the National Prize as "Singer of Guascarrilera Music". Then she moved to Venezuela and created the Theater Group "Majumi Productions". She starred in films like Breach in the Silence and April.

BELKIS AVILLADARES is a Venezuelan actress with 16 years of experience in theatre, film and television. She starred in Venezuelan and international productions, like Huele pega by Joseph Novoa, 100 Years of Forgiveness by Alejandro Saderman, The Son by Jean Pierre and Luc Dardenne and Precocious Pregnancy by Fina Torres.

Screenplay: Patricia Ortega, Enmanuel Chávez
Producers: Patricia Ortega, Jhony Hendrix, Laura Barbosa
Production Companies: Mandragora Films, Antorcha Films
Cinematographer: Mateo Guzmán
Editor: Mauricio Vergara
Original Score: Álvaro Morales
Sound: Juan Felipe Rayo  

Technical Information:
Original Title: Yo Imposible | 97‘ | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Colour | Shot on RED Scarlet 4K | Audio 5.1 | Spanish | Venezuela, Colombia 

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