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By Benjamin Bond 

Genre: Romance, Thriller, Drama

Two outsiders – French waitress Fanny and African immigrant Koffee – embark on a road trip adventure through a sun-drenched Devon summer by the sea. When they finally seem to have found a haven in a small coastal town, little do they know that trouble from their urban past is bound to catch up with them.  


Director Biography:
Benjamin Bond is a writer and director focused on creating dynamic independent feature films with an international outlook and individual edge. Previously Ben wrote Killing Bono which was picked up by Paramount Pictures and BAFTA nominated comedy series Skins for Channel 4. Ben has directed many well-known commercials. The Drifters is his feature film debut. 

Director Statement:
The film is largely shot on the beaches I grew up on and has a sunny ‘daylight’ vibe. I wanted to make the sort of romantic film you don’t see so much these days and the cool soundtrack and primary colors reflect that. It’s a relationship movie on every level, between the young lovers, also between the film-makers and the audience, and finally between the UK and everyone else. The Drifters is my love letter from Britain to the rest of the world on the eve of Brexit. I think of it as a European movie. 

Screenplay: Benjamin Bond
Producers: Iona Sweeney
Production Companies: Starcross Entertainment, Cove Pictures 

Technical Information:
Original Title: "The Drifters" | Colour | OV English | 01:31:00. | United Kingdom 2019 

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