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By José Maria Cabral 

Awards & Festivals:

Genre: Drama

Highlight: The new film by young Dominican director José María Cabral, after the highly acclaimed Woodpeckers (Carpinteros), premiered at Sundance 2017.

Eliseo is confined to live his existence infatuated with a woman who is present only through a projected film reel. On an eventful night, the reels are damaged and Eliseo is left completely devoid of any connection with his beloved projection. In this new existence, he is plunged into a search for the real identity of the woman he so passionately and lustfully loved for so many years but in order to accomplish this journey he must appeal to all he knows, project movies, in the most remote and poorest areas in the Dominican Republic, accompanied by a free-spirited girl that will show him that blood is thicker than water in more ways than one.  

Felix Germán, Cindy Galán  

Director Biography:
José María Cabral is a Dominican writer, director and producer who started making films at the age of 16. His first feature film, Jaque, was selected as the Dominican entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards. His previous film, Woodpeckers, had its world premiere at Sundance 2017, the first ever Dominican feature to be selected to the festival. 

Director Statement:
Milan Kundera said that good characters were born from a stomach ache, and that is exactly how Eliseo was created. The difference between me and the character is that one projects films and the other makes them. Creating films make you conscious of your inner motives, many of them as dark as Eliseo’s universe. And this is where The Projectionist starts off, from an important and recurrent obsession that motivates the character, the movie and the director himself. 

Cast Biography:
Félix Germán is a veteran Dominican actor and director whose career in Film and Theatre spans over five decades. In addition to his many roles in Dominican films, he has also participated in international projects such as Sydney Pollack‘s Havana and Andy Garcia‘s The Lost City.

Cindy Galán is a young actress with a rising profile in the Dominican theatre scene, after roles in Desnudos, Perfectus Quorum, and Hamlet, making now her debut in feature films with The Projectionist

Director José María Cabral
Screenplay José María Cabral
Producer Juan Basanta
Production Company Tabula Rasa Films
Executive Producers José María Cabral, José María Cabral A.
Cinematographer Hernán Herrera
Sound Franklin Hernández
Editing Nacho Ruiz
Production Designer Rafi Mercado
Music Lucas Suárez

Technical Information:
Original Title: El Proyeccionista | 98‘ | Aspect Ratio: 2:35| Colour | Audio 5.1 Drama | Dominican Republic | 2019 | Spanish OV 

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