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By Erdenebileg Ganbold 

Genre: Adventure, Drama

During the Russian Revolution in Mongolia, a nomad boy begins his journey with his mother’s guidance. She raises him to trust in the only gift she could give him: a horse who becomes his best friend. After being cruelly separated from everything he loves, the boy sets off on a journey to find his steed. An epic story about family, love, devotion and kinship with one's homeland.

New Director’s Cut 

Ariunbold.E, Enkhtuul.G, Tserendagva.P  

Director Biography:
Ebi (Erdenebileg Ganbold) has been performing with the Mongolian National Theater since he graduated from Mongolian State University of Art and Culture in 1999 with a degree in acting and Directing. He has starred in almost twenty films including Anu Queen, Trapped Abroad 1&2 and First Love. Along with having produced many films which broke Mongolian box office records, he is the winner of three Mongolian Academy Awards: Best Director and Best Picture for Father, and Best Producer for Trapped Abroad 2. 

Director Statement:
Mongolians cannot be imagined without their horses...The Mongolian Empire encompassed two thirds of the known world, because of this sacred bond between horse and man. The film shows the bond between a horse and its homeland while showing the communion between steed and rider that is so central to the nomadic way of life. In the end a boy and a horse will teach us the true meaning of family and that a Homeland starts with a handful of soil. 

Cast Biography:
Ariunbold Erdenebayar was born in 2007. He lives in the province of Arkhangai, in the Mongolian country side with his parents. The Steed is his acting debut. Ariunbold has no previous training or experience acting. He is a true horseman, now lives happily with one of the horses that played Rusty in his homeland. 

Director: Erdenebileg Ganbold
Producer: Trevor Doyle, Alexa Khan
Production Company: Ajnai Corporation, Three Flames Pictures, Nomadia Pictures, Belgute Pictures 

Technical Information:
Original Title: Khiimori | 110’ | Mongolian OV | Mongolia 2019 

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