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By Nicolás Puenzo 

Awards & Festivals:
Santa Barbara IFF, Fajr IFF
Stony Brook, Transatlantyk  

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Highlight: The debut film of young Argentinian director Nicolás Puenzo, winner of the prize PREMIO LA MAYOR CINE and PREMIO INCAA at Ventana Sur 2016

A pregnant Quechua girl and her creole partner escape from a refugee camp. On their trek south across the Bolivian Highlands, now a barren wasteland controlled by bloody militia groups, they meet Ruiz, a 50-year-old, war-scarred photographer who seeks to save them from the war zone, salvaging what remains of his humanity. 

Germán Palacios
Peter Lanzani
Juana Burga
Natalia Oreiro
Alejandro Awada
Luís Machín

Director Biography:
Nicolás Puenzo cemented his career directing advertising for widespread international brands. He co-directed and photographed the 12-chapter series Cromo currently streaming in Netflix. In parallel to directing, Nicolas is widely recognised as DP, winning the Condor Award for his work in The German Doctor

Director Statement:
As we enter into this new century, I’m once and again surprised at the quick pace the World is changing as it incorporates technologies and modifies old structures to become a new World. I find it urgent that cinema turns its lens on the reasons and instruments through which violence becomes systematised and millions of people become excluded. 

Cast Biography:
GERMÁN PALACIOS is an Argentinian actor who achieved worldwide recognition after his roles in La Vida Nueva and XXY.

PETER LANZINI is a young up-and-coming Argentinian actor who has starred in films such as El Clan, Hipersomnia and Solo Se Vive Una Vez

Director: Nicolás Puenzo
Screenwriter(s): Nicolás Puenzo, Lucia Puenzo
Producer(s): Nicolás Puenzo, Lucia Puenzo, Luís Puenzo, Esteban Puenzo
Associate Producers: Lucero Garzón, Fernando Abadi
Line Producer: José Sánchez Varela
Cinematography: Nicolás Puenzo
Editor: Misael Bustos, Hugo Primero
Sound: Fernando Soldevilla
Music: Pedro Canale
Art Department: Marcelo Chaves, Matías Martinez
Production Company: Historias Cinematográficas S.A. 

Technical Information:
Original Title: Los Últimos / Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 / Original Frame Rate: 24fps / Colour / 91 min / Audio 5.1 / Spanish, English / Thriller, Drama / Argentina 2017 

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